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...and get a free no obligation heavy duty five inch double suction cup access floor lifter tool.
A clean data center is crucial to every enterprise. Why? The cost of downtime is $9,000 per minute on average. We provide complimentary data center health checks to help organizations avoid these costs entirely.

Your free health check will include a comprehensive site inspection and evaluation of the current environmental conditions within the data center.

This comprehensive health check will cover the following critical topics:
  • Access floor surface condition (cleanliness and safety)
  • Subfloor air plenum cleanliness and subfloor wall perimeter integrity
  • Visual inspection of dust level accumulations above the access floor surface (i.e. cabinets, racks, and infrastructure equipment)
  • Inspect for excessive energy loss due to open voids in the access floor
  • Evaluate the location and effectiveness of the current perforated access floor panel configuration
  • Test ambient temperature and humidity levels
  • Inspect for the presence of (black dust) CRAC unit pulley wear

  • Energy efficiency best practices - Cold aisle containment, subfloor static pressure correction, subfloor air barrier systems, high volume air access floor panels, subfloor excessive load support system, new and used access flooring systems.
  • Environmental guidelines - Visual inspection, Air particle testing ISO standard 14644 class 8, Mold & contamination testing and remediation, Zinc whiskers testing and remediation, Infrastucture Monitoring systems.

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