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Carpet Floor Puller

Item Number: FP-110
Do you have a carpeted raised floor? Need to be able to access your under floor 24-7? While this may seem like a challenge in some regards, FirstTech® has come up with the perfect solution. The carpet puller was specifically designed to be able to pull up carpeted floor tile easily and efficiently. Each carpet puller has fifteen spike prongs connected on each side of its mounts, giving you a safe and secure grip on every tile. The handle can then be pushed down, and the tile will be lifted just as you need it to be. You couldn't ask for a more effective tool.

Our carpet puller was designed to help maintain the lifetime of your carpet, while still allowing it to move as you need it to. Check out one of our storage boxes as well. They mount to the wall and can even be purchased with the carpet puller in one unit.

For bulk purchases (quantities greater than 25) please call 1-800-743-6001 to receive discount pricing.

$ 134.95