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Are you looking for a solution to detect a water or fuel leak in your building? Whether the area is large or small, just a few drips can lead to a catastrophe. FirstTech has the perfect solution for you. Designed for versatility, our leak detection systems can be adjusted to suit any room and still have an eye out for issues. FirstTech is a certified distributor of quality brands including TraceTek, RLE, Liebert, and TRM. We’re also fully certified in servicing your system so you can leave any problems to us. Check out some reasons to use our products for your leak detection needs.

Distributed sensing:
By sensing liquid along the entire length, our leak detection cables make it possible to detect leaks at their source.

Spot detection:
Our sensors can be strategically placed anywhere in your workplace to pinpoint a leak.

Durable construction:
Small but rugged cable is extremely resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Dries and clears quickly:
Cable construction leaves virtually no place to trap moisture.

Accurate location:
Our cables locate system pinpoints (0.1% precision) where liquid contacts the sensing cable. Our spot detectors do the same.

Clear indication:
LEDs clearly indicate the system status; monitoring, leak, or fault. The system is built modular for ease of design and installation. Looking to be notified via phone and/or email of a leak immediately, (comma) no matter where you are? We have you covered. Call one of our sales representatives today!

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