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Cover Switch

Item Number: X55011
Accidents Don't Have to Happen...

It doesn't take much to bring a system down. Someone can accidentally bump into a power switch, and instantly, your entire facility is shut down. It's that simple, yet a very costly mishap. As long as accidents happen, you have to anticipate them. An essential part of accident proofing is covering your switches from inadvertent pressure. Luckily, there is an easy way to prevent these not-so-pleasant accidents from occurring.

FirstTech ®'s Cov 'R' Switch will completely isolate your power switches (EPO Sources) from inadvertent pressure, while leaving them accessible for everyday use. Made from Transparent acrylic plastic, the Cov 'R' Switch forms a lightweight barrier that's designed to withstand haphazard impact. The material is durable, but it is still easy to use so that you have no issues making everyday adjustments. The Cov 'R' Switch is easy to use; you simply raise the hinged cover, flip a switch or push a button, and when you're done, lower the cover back on top of the unit, and they can de designed to meet your specific needs.

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