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Floor Puller Bracket

Item Number: FP-107
The Floor Lift-A-Bracket is designed to call attention to itself. Your staff will know where your floor-lifter tool is because they've seen it hanging on the brightly stripped Floor Lift-A-Bracket. The red in the design mimics that of a fire extinguisher or stop sign, so it is guaranteed to catch the eye of one of your workers. When they need a floor-lifter tool, they'll know where to look.

You can purchase a Floor Lift-A-Bracket with or without the floor-lifter tool, depending on your needs. The package deal does provide some savings on the product when compared to buying them individually. You can also purchase it with a carpet puller as well, in case you have carpeted raised floors.

Accessories for all types of pullers.

For bulk purchases (quantities greater than 25) please call 1-800-743-6001 to receive discount pricing.

$ 43.95