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Floor Puller Lock Box

Item Number: FP-104
Floor-lifter tools often end up disappearing in a busy work environment. Even though they aren't exactly compact in size, they seem to travel more than you would expect. When an emergency occurs, you don't have the luxury of wondering who has the floor-lifter tool. You must have one available and fast. That's why we devised the Floor Lift-A-Lock Box, a simple and convenient location for your floor lifter tools that any worker will be able to notice.

The Lift-A Lock Box can be mounted on a wall and ready for use in case of an emergency. When a crisis arises, you can pull the replaceable breakaway handle to access the floor-lifter tool. If you need a floor-lifter tool for daily use, the lock box can be unlocked and just used as an easy to get to storage device. The bright red color of the Lift-A-Lock Box makes it very easy to notice, almost like a fire extinguisher would be. The mounting hardware is accompanied with the kit, so all you have to do is hang it and remember when an occasion arises.

Accessories for all types of pullers.

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