Grid Systems

Item Number: X55013
Computer rooms are complicated. Hundreds of feet of cabling snake beneath the floor, and to the average worker, those cables are nothing more than a web of intricacy and headaches. There are switches, power sources, and ports and all kinds of things that seem far too complicated to fully understand. Each component has its own purpose and its own location. It's a difficult environment to master, but certainly not impossible if you have the FirstTech® Grid System installed.

With the System in place, you can pinpoint the location of any element in your computer facility, which is a crucial first step when reconfiguring hardware, replacing cable, or coordinating installation or repair. This easy to navigate system was designed with everyday people in mind so that even the most inexperienced of workers can help in a crisis situation.

When an emergency strikes the computer room, everyone on your team must swing into action. Each member must know the exact location of essential equipment, such as sensors, alarms and power sources. There's no time to fumble around with complicated directions. Seconds count, and we've made something that will allow you to spend as little time as possible finding these components.

The FirstTech® Grid System is a solution to locate equipment and identify Sub-Floor components during everyday use and in emergencies. Unobtrusive markers are mounted on the walls of your data center: numbers on one side, letters on the other. The markers enable you to specify the coordinates of individual floor tiles and key subfloor components.

The knowledge is readily available and easy to understand, we just want your Safety to be our #1 Priority.

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