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High Volume Air Vented Panel

Item Number: FP-213
A standard perforated access floor panel simply will not produce the volume of cool air required to regulate the ambient temperature in today's high density heat generating data centers. FirstTech has been working on this problem diligently and have engineered a solution through comprehensive air flow studies and combating ever increasing server heat loads.

  • Over twice the air flow of a standard perforated panel.
  • All steel construction with epoxy powder coated finish.
  • Supports greater concentrated and rolling loads than standard perforated floor panels up to 1,500 lbs.
  • Open area of 50% tests prove that with a static air pressure of 0.10 H20 the panel delivered 1,450 up to 2,000 CFM the highest in the industry.
  • Two recessed access handles
  • Four corner leveling legs to accommodate most access floor systems.
  • Fits all stringer systems with a 1.75" width or less.
$ 363.00