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Perforated Floor Puller

Item Number: FP-118
Different floor tiles call for different tools. While flat surfaces are easy to manage because they can be attached to a suction cup, perforated floor tiles come with a bit more challenge. FirstTech ®'s Perforated Tile Puller is a must for computer rooms with perforated floor tiles because, it was designed to tackle those specific needs. Standard floor pullers are unable to lift perforated floor tiles because of the inability to trap air for suction. This tool allows for tile extraction by simply hooking and pulling.

Our perforated tile puller is lightweight but still durable enough to last for a long time. The bright red handle makes it easy to find whenever you need to. There is a smooth grip on the surface of the handle, making it comfortable to use quickly and effectively. If you have the need to remove or lift a perforated floor tile, think about investing in the puller from FirstTech®.

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